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Soybean yield above 120 bags/ha (7.2 t/ha or 107 bu/A) correlates well to soil base saturation in the lower profile," Sako said.

"Oxygen supply, water movement and low soil resistance to penetration are essential to soybean root growth and yields.

"Fields with a competition history have higher potential.Do you ever wonder how long it is left until the next Olympics?Get the full update on how long it is left until the next Summer or Winter Olympic Games here on The Olympic Games Countdown!One thing these yield contestants have in common with U. yield winners is they are willing to experiment with inputs. KEYS TO SUCCESS We tend to think of Brazil as having a hot and humid tropical environment that is prone to heat stress, soybean rust and insect pressures such as the invasive Old World bollworm.The main thing that generally sets Brazilian growers apart is they manage soybeans up through R6 while in the U. Henry Sako, agronomist and technical coordinator for the Strategic Committee over Soybean Development in Brazil (Comite Estrategico Soja Brasil) says winners in Brazil generally use the best genetics, plant in narrow rows and apply foliar products.

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