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I often get my new students to write about themselves, usually in question and answer form as if they were being interviewed.I use [Autobiographical writing - Me, myself and I] Design your own coat of arms as a follow up activity - it also makes a very good springboard for written or spoken work and the students’ designs will make an attractive display to brighten up any classroom.A more recent discovery of mine is [Reading skills] The Da Vinci Code - the opening.Although this is a reading activity, it is ideal for teaching creative writing.Here are his top three resources for this term: I probably became an English teacher because a long time ago, a brilliant teacher opened my eyes and ears to the joys of poetry.Narrative poetry features strongly amongst the Key Stage 3 poetry resources and young imaginations can't but be excited and extended by this superb Bishop Hatto resource.But is there a child in the country who doesn't know what a rhetorical question is?

I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. This blog could be used as a print-out to encourage individual student writers, though it would be best to retain the building blocks of Trevor’s thinking and writing process.Autumn has only started and the ideas here are wholly relevant – and the archived blogs are a world cruise of suggestions!This resource has always been a firm favourite of mine. This fun speaking and listening activity can incite some committed, impassioned persuasive language and gives you the opportunity to encourage the use and recognition of a variety of rhetorical devices.The Revising persuasive tactics resource would complement it well, even though it doesn't mention rhetorical questions.

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