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Chart Downloader for NOAA ENC® The Electronic Navigational Charts are available in S-57 format. Resources: Click ENC Dates for more information about the Update Application Date, Issue Date and various Cleared Dates. Select a zip file of an Individual ENC from a list sorted by name. Select a zip file of an Individual ENC from a list sorted by date. Write an application or script that uses the data in the ENC Product Catalog, an XML file that contains the status of the ENCs available for download. Select one of the pre-packaged zip files below: * Zip File Date Time indicates when the zip file was created in Coordinated Universal Time.The son of a Methodist minister, Powell imbibed his father’s theology as a boy. The North Vietnamese “Ho Chi Minh Campaign” begins.However, he was introduced to an alternative point of view when the elderly naturalist George Crookham taught him basic natural science. Despite the 1973 Paris Peace Accords cease fire, the fighting had continued between South Vietnamese forces and the North Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam.When it crashed, Germanwings flight 9525 had been traveling from Barcelona, Spain, to Dusseldorf, Germany. Lucid, a biochemist, shared Mir with Russian cosmonauts Yuri Onufriyenko and Yuri Usachev, conducting scientific experiments...The plane took off from Barcelona around 10 a.m.... On March 24, 1999, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commences air strikes against Yugoslavia with the bombing of Serbian military positions in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo.

On March 24, 1918, German forces cross the Somme River, achieving their first goal of the major spring offensive begun three days earlier on the Western Front. Orde Wingate, leader of the 77th Indian Brigade, also called the Chindits, dies in a transport plane crash. Wingate, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy, was a famous eccentric who both quoted the Bible and advocated irregular warfare tactics.

On this day in 1862, abolitionist orator Wendell Phillips is booed while attempting to give a lecture in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The angry crowd was opposed to fighting for the freedom of slaves, as Phillips advocated.

The aim of the Easter Dating Method is to maintain, for each Easter Sunday, the same season of the year and the same relationship to the preceding astronomical full moon that occurred at the time of his resurrection in 30 A. March 20 has become the important date in recent Easter dating methods.

The Gregorian calendar very closely maintains the alignment of seasons and calendar dates by having leap years in only 1 of every 4 century years, namely, those divisible exactly by 400.

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