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Once you send them money, the fraudsters will keep coming back and invent new reasons to send them more.

Fraudsters may also use the conversations you have to find out enough personal information about you to commit identity fraud.

They may tell you everything has been booked but their ticket has been stolen, and you need to send money quickly to get them on the next flight.

Alternatively they may prey on your sympathies, telling you a family member or someone else they are responsible for is ill and they need money for medical treatment.

Spark One of my personal favourites, though yet to pick up much traction in London, Spark works on bluetooth so you can use it underground.

If you spot someone you like in real life, send him or her a ‘spark’. If they’re interested, they can send you a message.

Slightly oddly the marketing campaign suggests you can ‘turn yourself into a celebrity’ by simply using the app. Swoon Defunked dating app which closed down in 2014 … Snapbu THE app to help you with your dating profile – get random members of the public to rate your profile photos and help you decide which dating photos to use. Singles Around Me Similar to Single Badge, the app shows you singles in the near vicinity.

Who’s That Group dating in real life – similar to Grouper. no apps I can think of Z is for Zoosk The popular online dating site, available in over 80 countries, also has an accompanying app.

When you think you’ve met the perfect partner through an online dating website or app, but the other person is using a fake profile to form a relationship with you.

Up for It Apparently thousands of naughty singles are up for hot dates in the United States!

With a titty shot on the home page, this is definitely a casual sex and hook up app … V is for Voice Candy Choose an icebreaker question and hear your match’s spontaneous reply.

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