If you want to get into a serious monogamous relationship, there are plenty of people out there who are looking for the same thing but they will not know what you want unless you are upfront and tell them, maybe in your recorded voice introduction.There is surely no reason for you to feel shy when you are having good conversations, with great people over the phone.When it comes to adult chat lines, the idea is to unwind and have fun and not think about anything too serious.

One way to show off your confidence is to ask several questions which would allow you to get to know the person on the other line.Gareth Dack, 33, throttled kind and trusting Norma Bell - described as a "supermum" who had fostered 50 children in her lifetime - with an electrical cable so that he could steal her television and £700 in cash.Teesside Crown Court heard that between midnight and 5.30am Dack then called numbers from the Babestation TV channel, which, the jury was told, allows viewers to "call scantily-clad ladies while they watch them on TV." Dack was found guilty by a jury at Teesside Crown of murder and arson after four and a half hours deliberation.Do you have an intimate fantasy that is just kinky to share with your friends Do you have an intimate fantasy that is just kinky to share with your friends, significant other, or spouse?If so, you should consider the freedom and ability to express your true desires through adult orientated sex chat.

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