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I am trying to understand that he is doing alot and trying to accomplish alot. Be prepared that even though it may seem he prefers a monogamous relationship, he may later change his mind. Tawny: I've studied the culture pretty well I think. And when his business, errands, favors, etc are done..he comes to me. I married man from same country, im american black female 30 yrs old. We dated, he confessed his love, claimed be christian had my whole family liking him. I got pregnant first time he was ok, second time he begged me abort it, told me he never truly loved me after 3 yr marriage mark he filed divorce on me while i was carrying his second child. Just get to know the guy very well and learn the culture. He may like you or even love you but his culture goes deep. I believe my husband feels he should have married someone he had more in common.

Talk about it and look out for sudden changes in his patter of behavior. He has even been late for birthday dinner dates celebrations..his and mine. Applied for green card then brought his WIFE from back home who i knew NOTHING about it. I am at a much better place in life, but I have to live with the HSV disease for the rest of my life. Get to know any guy very well doesn't matter where he comes from. Although things could have been just as hard because Nigerian women are changing. Hello, I am a black american middle age woman and I have been in love with a Nigerian man for over 2 years and a half now.

I hope and wish to soon visit your country to show who I am that could help change negative lives into positive lives. I guarantee you your attitude will change and you will live to regret it. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves...everyone!

They DO NOT love or like black American women, they do not even like black Americans period. For the person that responded so negatively, I am sorry that you are surrounded by such evil and wicked people.

the both of us can not have an EGO..won't work..he wins.gets to keep his. the only way to make an igbo man love you is to capture his heart, make sure you give him every thing he demands for, my joy is to see an happy family, neesha try all your posible best to have him by your side, igbo men are wonderful to be with. He doesn't have the same concept of quality time as I do..He has something to do, that comes first..matter what...sometimes days go by before I see him. He told me I need to try to understand him and stop trying to figure him out. I think it's good that he is not rushing to marry you since it shows that he is not just using you for citizenship reasons. I have happen to come across a youtube video that outlined how you can know if a Nigerian man is serious. My culture doesn't support multiple lovers or children by different females at least not legally.

I have been learning how to make Nigerian meals and desserts. He is working, actually very hard working at two jobs. It's difficult understanding his thoughts at times because I am used to dealing with American men. Interesting story,how did that really happened , well love might have made them loved each other, but is the love pure,because there are previous stories about a man who married a white woman but was killed after five month of good luck This is great,it is one of the best news ever.

You will never regret doing things together and for eachother the right way. Don't make it hard for someone else to accomplish true love because of your wrong actions. SMILE Come back and tell us your story AFTER your Nigerian man marries you and obtains citizenship.

Experience it for yourself and help it spread abroad like me and my TRUE NIGERIAN LOVE. You have wool over your eyes and can't see the forest from the trees.

Hello, to comment by "Justices", I am actually black not white. Any clues on how to make him love me MORE as you stated?? also, I really think he can't introduce me yet until he has proven himself to be a man You are just lucky to have an Igbo man. I have added Egusi soup and Ogbono soup, both turned out wonderful! this is for GIRL in UK: He really doesn't care that I have children, he even wants me to bring him to his church with me but I have a home church.

to comment by "Pastor", I hope I can remain patient. They are very industrious, determined and make the best husbands in Africa. He is still working a lot, not much time to see him. I give him the respect of being the man in our relationship. His parents attend his church, so they would know I have children and I talk about them all the time to his church family members. I hope you can let your heart open to someone again. I beg of please don't fall for that all lies Igbo men are users I know I was in same boat had 3 kids Married this man I got my tubes untied for him had a child an he got his citizenship an left me if you have to be a secret something not right if you can't figure out if he loves you something's not right get out of that relationship love your self focus on you an your kids feel good about you help yourself an your kids he's going to hurt you he's using you he don't love you this is not love they on want citizenship please listen to me .

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