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Almost 85 percent of the 248,000 sixth-to-12th graders who responded to a questionnaire in USA Weekend magazine said their peers harbored racial prejudice.Although 64 percent said their classmates spend time mainly with people of their own race, 72 percent said they had a close friend of another race.

" Obama's evolution took explosive form last week when he announced on ABC's "Good Morning America" that he thinks "same-sex couples should be able to get married.

The truth about interracial dating that no one wants to admit is that the issue is still extremely sensitive because very few of us have engaged in a completely honest discussion about how it affects the many different aspects of our collective lives.

Although there are many different cultural, historic and psychological dynamics at play here, there are two main reasons why most of us DO care about interracial dating, as much as we pretend it’s not a big issue, and it all begins with the collective cowardice of men and women like Ernest Baker.

That is the one topic that can take a discussion from straight-forward fun to completely contentious.

This week, a writer named Ernest Baker, typed a 2,600 word manifesto on his affinity for caucasian women titled “The Reality of Dating White Women When You’re Black.” In his article, he rambled about many different topics in a disjointed manner when he really just wanted to say, “I like white girls and I cannot lie! ” After many years of writing about interracial dating on my website, This Is Your, speaking on relationship panels all over North America and the Caribbean, hosting a weekly podcast on relationships and writing one novella and one full book on love and dating, it is easy to say that I’ve immersed myself in relationships.

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