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I met lots of guys and didn’t become friends with any of them.The other thing was the number of guys who were ‘wired’.Yet there are very few guys I saw who actually seemed to be ‘straight acting and discreet’. People would ask me if I was ‘discreet’ – were they expecting I would arrive at their house with a full brass band in tow to perform some high-camp drag routine?If everyone is looking for the same type of guy and there’s very few of that guy to go around. I guess most guys in their 20’s (and 30’s) either live with family or housemates and don’t want them to know they’re having random sex, but it seems to massively prohibit their ability to successfully look for ‘right now’. There are some VERY strange people out there I listed lots of details about myself so I could let guys know exactly who I was and what I was wanting. We had similar interests, and held good conversation. ’ without bothering to read my profile or what I was looking for.When I was last single there was no such thing as smart phones or apps or Kim Kardashian – people met each other through friends and in public and social situations.For years I had heard my single friends telling me the highs and lows of this app called ‘Grindr’.” Here’s his thoughts on using Grindr as a newbie – and because it’s a ‘warts and all’ account, he told us he wishes to remain anonymous.After recently coming out of a long-term relationship, I was suddenly faced with being single.

I like having fun with the best of them but who is off their tits on a Monday afternoon?! There’s an unwritten hierarchy The gay world is naturally focused on the young, the pretty, and dare I say it, the white.They might just be wanting some endless chats with guys they never intend to meet up with – there’s nothing wrong with that – but if you’re looking for something else, it’ll help both of you if you are honest with each other as soon as possible. There are a lot of couples and ‘wired’ guys online I’m not naive.I know that a lot of relationships in the gay world are fluid, and undefined, nonconventional and yes, even ‘open’.Although I was a very proficient social media user I had never used this app.Encouraged by the promise of being able to basically ‘shop for men online’, I excitedly downloaded it for the first time and made some very interesting discoveries. If they weren’t wanting to have sex, why were they specifying their sexual position?

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Here’s what I wish my friends had told me about using Grindr: 1. I’d also see headless, topless profiles saying ‘looking for a genuine relationship’.

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