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There has come to be no end to—and virtually no limits on—advertisements, television programs, movies, books, magazines, articles, photographs and websites for every kind of pornography and sex-related activity that the misguided creative genius of human beings could devise.But sadly, there is a a purpose for human existence.Believing himself to be merely the highest of the animals in an evolutionary chain, man has remained in the dark, completely unable to see a reason for sex, or why human beings exist as men and women.Yet, there an awesome purpose for humanity collectively—and you personally—and, when fully understood, it is inseparable from the purposes of sex.Philosophers are not explaining it, because they do not know what or whether there is a purpose for your life.Educators are not teaching it, because no one can teach what he himself has not been taught.It used to be that love on the clock was for the executive married man and his young female secretary only; these days, fortunately, we all have a shot at dating in the workplace.The Edit: Deprived of school, Afghan kids reveal their deepest fears The Edit: Woody Harrelson shines as a comedic misanthrope in ‘Wilson’ Projek MMO: Suami penyanyi Nora meninggal dunia Hamilton fastest in Australian GP first free practice session from its shelves with immediate effect.

Moralists are ignorant—and so are the theologians of all the world’s supposed “great religions.”But this ignorance has been no more evident than in the misunderstood and largely unknown purpose of sex.

photo via Flickr Sneaking into the unoccupied conference room on your lunch break…leaving dirty Polaroids under each other’s keyboards…doing it on your boss’s desk while he or she is in the Hamptons.

Dipping your pen in the company inkwell may not be exactly in the modern workplace, but most of us have dipped at least once.

Deluded educators have been biased against God and His Word by having had the atheistic teaching of evolution funneled into their minds from childhood.

They have taught young people for decades that there are “no absolutes” and that they must follow “situation ethics” in all circumstances.

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” Gerak Budaya’s administrations assistant manager, Susie Lee, told that her company was aware of Tan’s recent post about Ahmad Zahid's daughter.

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