Bosco wong dating myolie

On August 22, TVB artists appeared at the China International Film Festival in Beijing, where the ex-couple met once again.Bosco reportedly took this grand opportunity to reconcile with Myolie.She drew herself close to Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and linked his arm as they walked onto the stage.At the time, Ron looked at Myolie and said with a smile, “You shouldn’t be linking arms with me at this event today,” hinting that she should be with Bosco.Since their relationship ended on a bad note, Myolie had been treating Bosco as if he were invisible.According to tabloids, Bosco sent her many text messages in hopes of getting back together, only to never receive a reply.

According to reports, Bosco’s mother loves Myolie and sees her as a daughter-in-law.Her beau of 8 years Bosco Wong will unfortunately not have a happy ending with Myolie Wu as she has chosen Hong Kong high-flying financier Mr Phil instead. He has played of this media portrayal to enhance his image to meet women such as myolie. This unhappy ending for Bosco has lead many of his fans into tears and disbelief of true love. She prayed that Bosco would soon win back Myolie’s heart.Actor Bosco Wong(黃宗澤) was recently revealed to be dating Japanese Model JUN and they were seen shopping in the supermarket together.

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