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if you dont meet up and have sex or dont have general contact but thru emails, r tx;s u have chatted in general r even in a sexual way is the chat unlawful especially if the person is over the age of 16 thats chatting... thanks Depends if you are grooming them in any way. There is a law against grooming, in theory it's for the prosecution to prove that you were doing that, in reality you need to convince a jury that you weren't.I know a young girl who I talk to in real life, I wouldn't dream of trying to contact her via the internet even if I just wanted to chat about bunny rabbits. The OP also didn't specify for what age the talker was to be.It turns out that they procrastinate a lot, just like the rest of us.

' Uh, because I do."We're both doing this for the same reason.If you had an account on Voipay we have migrated this to our new system, including any balance you may have had.You will receive an email with your new account log in details soon.She revealed she loves nothing more than a quickie in her Range Rover with boyfriend, Meek Mill."That's a turn-on. is chatting to under 16 yr olds breaking the law... i'm currently havin a debate on the issue and cant find any laws on line that give aclear indication.. i know its wrong and inapropriate but is it against the law The answer to that is: 'they'll find something to do you for' read the link just given by quicken, and read the thread about the SU professor, and understand that any suspicion anybody has and reports will be a blot on your police record that you cannot remove Like I said - it's about witch hunting, not law That's an interesting case :huh: how young would the bloke have to be for it to be okay for him to kiss her then? For all you know most of the users on are 12, which if there were a law against it would make you unwittingly a criminal.

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