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Yoga Lesson: Non-Violence Ahimsa is the yogic practice of non-violence, which includes physical, mental, and emotional violence towards others and ourselves.

Viewed in this broad context, ahimsa can be a challenging and overwhelming practice to take on, as we humans seem to have a knack for creating judgment, criticism, anger or irritation.

Fortunately we can easily apply the concept of ahimsa on our yoga mats by practicing mindfulness and compassion towards ourselves.

Yoga Lesson: Detachment The ancient yogis understood that desire (kama) was a legitimate goal and an essential part of a balanced life.

Yoga Lesson: Contentment One of the five niyamas (internal observances) of Patanjali's yoga sutras, contentment is considered an essential and fundamental yogic practice.

Samtosha (contentment) can be practiced while holding yoga poses by letting go of the desire to attain the perfect looking pose, and to accept the experience of the pose as it is without wanting to change it.

The practice of yoga inherently creates both a path of self-mastery and a feeling of victory.Vairagya applies both to our likes and dislikes, with the ideal goal of seeing both sweet and bitter fruits of life as the same.The practice of detachment needs to be balanced with Abhyasa (Effort), and must never be an excuse to abandon one’s worldly duties and obligations.A fundamental teaching of yoga is the practice of cultivating one-pointedness (ekagrata), which in turn develops the focus and concentration needed for holding yoga poses and meditating for extended periods of time.Yoga Lesson: Slowing Yoga is a process towards looking inward to develop insight, awareness and understanding.

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