Dating a woman on the rebound Philippines sex chat cams

And the more desperate she is, the more kids she has, or the more help she needs, the quicker she’ll want to make that pain go away by getting back to a place of relationship security.

Thus, if a guy just broke up but is getting laid constantly, he’s not really on the rebound at all. But if a month or two goes by and he can’t get so much as a pity-bang, he’s right where a recently dumped woman is: desperate. Like the women who don’t realize they no longer need a man to provide for them, he doesn’t understand that there are other fish in the sea besides you.

Maybe we haven’t been on our own for months, years even, and we just aren’t all that interested in switching up our lifestyles now, thank you very much.

It's exciting, being pursued, thinking you're the one in control. So, why is rebounding the worst thing a man can do to a woman?

You might say “But this girl specifically ended her relationship because she wanted more freedom.

She doesn’t want a new relationship.” Yeah, they say that.

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But if you’re interested in a long-term romance, does it make sense?

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