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Researchers have known for a long time that people tend to be married to someone with similar political views much more often than would happen by chance.

What they didn't know is if that happened because people chose their partners this way or if it happened for other reasons.

Research shows that if your parents have different political beliefs, you’re more likely to be moderate, whereas if both parents have the same beliefs, it can make you more extreme.” Somewhat surprisingly, the study seemed to reveal that fiscal attitudes swayed people’s interest in a potential partner even more than social policy beliefs.

Malhotra thinks this might be because religion can serve as a proxy for social values, making this aspect of the political divide less relevant than budget and tax priorities.

Being within five years of a dating prospect’s age doubles the likelihood that you’ll have interest.

Next comes shared religion, which predicts a 50 percent interest boost.

He kept hearing friends say they would never date someone from across the aisle.

One woman ended a relationship that was going well after she discovered the guy was a conservative.

"Being a member of the opposite party often beats religious difference, unattractiveness, and low educational and professional attainment on Ms.“When you sort for religion, you can in part be sorting for beliefs about abortion and other social policies.But your feelings about the role of government in the economy might be a different matter.” One cause for hope, before you despair over the coming wave of infant ideologues: General levels of interest in politics—no matter which side you favor—had about the same effect on dating desires as did actual partisan affiliation.Shared ethnicity increases interest by 16.6 percent. And shared political partisanship raises dating interest levels by 9.5 percent.big factors when we look for our potential partners,” says Malhotra.

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