Dating behavior in a hispanic community

Family members and close friends and neighbors call on one another for support when needed.To do things and face problems "on you own" is not the norm.It is interpreted as a characteristic of the arrogant, distant and cold.People are expected to be involved with the rest of the extended family, neighbors and friends. This emotional support is manifested in many different ways.

Understanding people's diverse cultural frames of reference-those elements that cause a particular cultural group to interpret the world in a particular manner-is a continuous challenge.

However, it also is important to recognize the strong influence that the established cultural values have on every member of a society.

Generally speaking, interdependence is a value in the Hispanic culture.

Many cultural aspects of a group are rooted in their early religious beliefs. They take advantage of the here and now; now is more important than later.

Thus the Hispanic concept of time is very different from that of cultures whose life orientation is towards the future.

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