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After a brief experiment with the “common course,” a sort of primitive agrarian communism, the colony quickly centered around private subsistence agriculture.This was facilitated by Bradford’s decision to distribute land among all the settlers, not just members of the company.Bradford served thirty one-year terms as governor of the fledgling colony between 16.

Lacking the dogmatic temper and religious enthusiasm of the Puritans of the Great Migration, Bradford steered a middle course for Plymouth Colony between the Holy Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the tolerant secular community of Rhode Island.

Around 1630, he began to compile his two-volume “Of Plymouth Plantation,” one of the most important early chronicles of the settlement of New England.

Born of substantial yeomen in Yorkshire, England, Bradford expressed his nonconformist religious sensibilities in his early teens and joined the famed Separatist church in Scrooby at the age of seventeen.

She was left £125,000 out of pocket and eventually reported matters to police.

Khan was arrested and admitted owing money but denied committing fraud.

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