Dating older married

I feel like a voyeur when they talk about their wives, which they do, sometimes reluctantly, sometimes more volubly.

It’s as though I’m pressed up against a partially obscured window on their lives.

I turned away from him and plotted my early-morning escape.

Sex at 29, after a prolonged virginity that wasn’t the result of religious beliefs or a commitment to not having sex until marriage or extreme undesirability.

We even appear new to ourselves through the other’s admiring eyes.

Nothing we say is brilliant or unique, but attraction makes everything shine. The encounters start to develop a familiar pattern, and a curdled contempt sometimes emerges.“Kissing you is like kissing a sea urchin,” Jack sneered one afternoon when he was trying to go back to work and I wanted some kind of reassurance from him that he was unable or unwilling to offer.

I leave them toppled over.* * *These relationships are hermetic ones; they exist, bubble-like, in the confines of an apartment, with occasional excursions into the larger world: a bar to watch the U. play Germany in the World Cup, Les Halles for dinner, Chevys Fresh Mex for lunch.

Are they relationships with no future, ones that will end in a similar manner, with the man remaining married and me single? What if I don’t want to embark on a long journey, one with changing scenery and a companion who remains the same? The term “dead end” gets used often when referring to affairs with a man who is married and has no intention of leaving his spouse.

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