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And by doing so, the reliability of Genesis, Exodus, and the entire Old Testament will have to be reconsidered as a viable source of historical truth.

Those who advocate a revision of orthodox Egyptian chronology are admittedly in the minority, but their credentials and scholarship are highly esteemed.

Yet the Egyptians were able to orient their pyramids to within a fraction of a degree to the north, south, east, and west.

Williams re-examined discoveries related to the pre-dynastic period and concluded: Williams has published several articles in archaeology journals, and his modern research appears to confirm the Genesis account.

to a crucial period in world history, and to the very shaky nature of the dating, the whole chronological framework, upon which our current interpretations rest…the existing chronologies for that crucial phase in human history are in error by several centuries, and that, in consequence, history will have to be rewritten.

Even when full use has been made of the king lists and of such subsidiary sources as have survived, the indispensable dynastic framework of Egyptian history shows lamentable gaps and many a doubtful attribution …What is proudly advertised as Egyptian history is merely a collection of rags and tatters..

Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, traveled to Egypt in the 5 respectively, also quoted Manetho and wrote about Egyptian history.

However, all of these highly esteemed historians often disagree with one another in the calculation of Egyptian chronology.

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Abraham visits Egypt The biblical date for the Exodus is approximately 1445 .

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