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It’s not exactly as though you can hand out comment cards to your dates and ex-girlfriends and get some constructive criticism. Second, many times it’s not going to be actionable advice anyway.And third, let’s be honest: they just left you for a reason. Unless you’ve got someone who’s actually watching every move you make, you’re going to have to do your own relationship troubleshooting. ” “The problem,” Xander said, “is that eventually, you’re going to want to fuck. But he was my friend first, so I made sure I got that back.” “I don’t know what that has to do with me,” Gus said when it looked like Xander had finished. “You are the furthest thing from me there is.” “Then what’s the problem?

Sometimes, the ace’s new dating partner suggests to the ace character that maybe they would be better off not being friends with the Concerned Ex.

We didn’t speak to each other for almost two months.

Some aces who do not want to have sex trying dating a non-ace person.

Because they are still the ace character’s friend, and after they had broken the ace’s heart, they cannot let anybody else break the ace’s heart.

And since their single dating relationship with an ace ended with a break-up, they know that dating relationship with the ace character will end with a painful break-up. Sometimes, the Concerned Ex approaches the ace, and offers the friendly advice that trying to date while ace Is A Bad Idea.

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