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Maternal feelings are primal and powerful and protective and yes, sometimes they are petty.Beyond having been cheated on and dumped, what are the roots of ex-wife resentment?Wednesday, I couldn't agree more and actually have been writing about the Rimes/Glanville saga for months now.

" an insider tells A "source" further states that it's the parade of women the notorious Yankees stud is subjecting the kids to, not any one of them in particular, that has Cynthia ticked.

On this topic, one wishes Le Ann would lay off the passive-aggressive, self-canonizing tweets, as if she were St. Sure, it was Eddie Cibrian's choice to have an extramarital affair and leave his wife. But do he and Le Ann actually expect his ex Brandi to NOT be angry about this public humiliation and its emotional half-life?

Particularly when Le Ann steps on her turf and her toes with frequent tweets about how she loves Cibrian's kids like they're her own, referring to them in print and via Twitter as "my boys," and publicly cataloguing her 20K Christmas purchases for them?

What makes an ex-wife infuriated and irrationally nasty toward the stepmother of her children, even when that woman break up her marriage?

Why does she undermine your relationship with her kids and do everything in her power to make your life hell? I write about where Mommy Tiger is coming from--and what you can do if your husband's ex has it out for the two of you--in the current, second-year anniversary double edition of Step Mom Magazine.

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