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Your lack of regards towards our prophet Mohammad and the worlds Muslim population had not prevented you from continuing to make fun of our faith and prophet, it is no surprise this tragedy has befallen you.

There are many interests looking to silence Palestine's bid for statehood and any support of that could be deemed as a threat. No matter what you believe, to hell with Charlie Pedo, this is much more than an attack, this was a big game played well until now. We Are Anon Ghost We Are Every Where #Game Over Mauritania Attacker - Virusa worm - Dr_SAMIM - Man Rezpector - Anonxox Tn - V0RT3X - Mr. ll3r - Coder Sec - Mrlele - Don Maverick Rev Crew - Extazy007 - Black Cracker - h Ax Or tr0j An - Mr.I have tried all various methods of widening my social network for the past year but wasn’t successful in finding anybody suitable for me.My friends recommended me to join Dating Moments which I was really glad I listened to them.MUSULMAN ET JE SUIS PAS CHARLIE Greetings world we are Anon Ghost. For too long now, you have been humiliating our prophet Mohammad, by drawing and publishing shameful and vulgar pictures that are very disrespectful to all Muslims around the world.You did this without any consideration to our feelings or thought on how the world's Muslim population felt about it.

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