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"An attractive profile draws the victim into a potential relationship.This is then followed by a grooming process, which can last from a couple of weeks to several months or even a year," says Professor Monica Whitty of Leicester University, who carried out the study.Typical cons here include sending registered users fake messages to prompt them to sign up or populating sites with fake profiles.Privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner has kicked off a probe into the industry over claims that personal data has been sold to dating sites to increase their membership.Detectives said the amount stolen via this single scam had run into "thousands of pounds".While this con might seem pedestrian and easy to avoid, the online dating boom has also fuelled a number of suspect sites.By Liz Lockhart Many people with mental health problems feel isolated and turn to internet dating sites to find romance and companionship.Mental Healthy has had several inquiries from readers who have queries about this method of finding love.

The perpetrators use stories of severe life circumstances, tragedies, deaths in the family, personal injury and other hardship stories to involve their victims and subsequently to ask for money to help them.

We thus believe new methods of reporting the crime are needed.’ This sort of crime is very serious and all too often overlooked. Whitty and Buchanan have documented a rapid growth in these serious crimes and describe the devastating financial and emotional losses suffered by their victims.

Large sums of money can be defrauded from the victims over a period of months or even longer.

But online dating scams are on the increase, so what should you look out for when searching for your soulmate?

Research carried out by Leicester and Westminster Universities last year found almost 230,000 Britons were aware they had been targeted by online dating fraudsters, and an increasing number of criminal gangs and grooming users were using fake profiles to extort cash from unwitting members.

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The Financial Lawyer Will Richmond-Coggan, a partner at Pitmans LLP which specialises in online reputation and privacy issues, sounds a final note of caution: "You are physically secure – sitting on a sofa while using your smartphone, or in your office – so you don't think of yourself being out in the world.

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