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the crunching of snow under someone's quick footsteps, running away from something. She quickly stood, almost falling over, a cry cracking in her throat before darting off again. Her eyes turned as she saw Toriel, she wasn't looking over at Frisk. She had been going through the puzzles that Papyrus had set up for her before she fell unconscious. Chapter 1: Idea spark "So you kept them water this entire time?

The child stumbled, slipping on the snow as she fell headfirst into. Tears were in her eyes as she was looking at something, before she turned to Frisk and showed that she had been crying tears of blood. Frisk woke up with a start, seeing that she was lying down on a soft bed. "Frisk sat down next to the Golden Flower as the two of them gazed over the field.

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With a soft smile she proceeded on wards, finding herself cutting across rivers of flowing waterfalls until she reached a hallway with a long patch of grass. Her heart practically thudded in her throat as she listened in...

not daring to take another step as the two were h Comforting [500 Page View Special]Sans looked at the kid, a heavy shallow breath deep in his chest...

I was planning on doing a short version of Papyrus' date, have the conversation with Sans and then have Frisk make her journey into Waterfall. Especially since we're going to see UNDYNE (squeaks) but again, I'll leave the other chapter up to your imagination~ And yes, it's my headcanon that Frisk isn't actually flirting with anyone... And Papyrus loves to interrupt people~RESETLOADOh thank you~ I'm glad everyone is enjoying how I've been dealing with all of this. That is true because Frisk's character in the game is completely interpreted by the player whether they are a homocidal maniac (or otherwise, Chara), a saving grace or a bit of both. Unlike the darkness of the ruins, the forest that stood before Frisk shone with what looked to be artificial light.

I mean, in a video game you wouldn't really know what the player is thinking unlessthey had their thoughts projected in an inner monologue (which is kinda boring) Imean, you yourself are suppose to be a reflection of that character. And that's completely okay if Frisk has a bit of you. they would never return.______________________________________________It was just a legend, a rumour, something that scared little children away from going too close to the mountain. "A soft squeak came from their mouth, quicken footsteps came closer before they were right up against her ear."You've... Here, get up."There was rustling as it sounded like someone was helping another to their feet. That's a nice name..."Footsteps slowly faded into the distance and all that Frisk could catch was..."My name is..."____________________A gasp escaped Frisk's mouth as her eye's snapped open. Even while she peered upwards, she could see white crystals that shone light that could almost put the stars to shame.

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