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There isn't a straightforward answer to this question. But, there are certain channels that tend to be more cost-effective and provide higher conversion rates.

If you have been looking for a septic air pump, you may want to read a good guide first.

The thing which makes no sense is that when I advertised on official job sites I was inundated with people insisting they were suitable but who had no talent.

You could say that if they are not bright enough to advise others they are not bright enough to realise this and need me to point it out. Yet you could tell by the way they contacted me and the things they said that they knew they were inadequate. Because they tell me that they cannot get a job, they were fired from Mc Donalds for being inadequate and slow and turning up late all the time, they want a job that pays a lot more than that but where they can work from home and feel important. Wanting to fill the blanks when nothing is being said.

They go by principles and practical things instead of feelings, and forget that it is an emotional situation first and foremost for this person, with the practical things following after.

Ridiculous And this comes from a so called hepful website which has cost a lot of money and taken a lot of time to put together.

When a person works along as an agony aunt or advice columnist you get the same sort of daft advice more often.

You will not get this luxury if you write to a magazine or newspaper column where they often just write a few words very quickly because they are inundated, and usually they miss most of what you wrote because they are so busy, and usually they just send you a link to a website, something you could have found for yourself in ten minutes.

This is the only place that considers employing inexperienced people as advisors.

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Usually if you cannot get an ordinary job you find a way to make sure you can, you do not set your sights at something even more difficult to get.

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