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Shop around and you'll find the Galaxy S3 for free on contracts of £20 a month.

From Carphone Warehouse, you can buy the S3 with a decent T-Mobile contract that costs £21 a month, which includes 1GB mobile internet, 500 texts and 100 minutes.

The cheapest robust i Phone 5 contracts that get you a free phone cost £33 a month. The 16GB i Phone 5 costs £529.99 direct from Apple, and the Galaxy S3 is currently a mere £349.99 on Pay As You Go from Three at the moment.

If you want a detailed analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and i Phone 5, you should read on below but you can also see the both phones in action and next to each other in our video review.i Phone 5 - 7.6mm thick, metal casing, non-removable battery Samsung Galaxy S3 - 8.6mm thick, plastic casing, removable battery A case of metal versus plastic, and hard lines against smoother curves, the i Phone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 have quite different approaches to handset design.

Sadly, none of these features has been rolled out on the Android platform, as yet.

However, we are expecting it to be available anytime soon for Android users.

Previously, the chat would scroll up to a said mark, which would then highlight to scroll again to load earlier chats.

However, now you can continuously scroll to the beginning or to end of the chat, without pauses.

It's a tough question, and there are vocal advocates and detractors on both sides of the Apple/Android divide.

Previously, only the heart emoji could be sent big and animated.

Quickly delete, archive or mark chats as read Whats App has added support to let you mark your chats in the quick-edit option on the bottom.

It is not known when the full update will be pushed out to all users, or other platforms In a group chat, blue ticks only appear when all participants have read the message.

To see what time the messages were read, users can now press and hold down on a particular post and select the Message Info option.

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The app has constantly been in news for rolling out its new features every now and then.

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