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Give it a try and put some precision into your training this season.

Aldrig før har der været så mange muligheder i jagten på kærligheden.

When you have increased the work you can do before reaching lactate threshold, and the power you can produce when you’re there, you can move on to training that very specifically sharpens your event-oriented skills and begins the taper towards your goal event(s).

There are three energy systems that produce energy: ATP-PC (short, explosive movements), glycolytic (intermittent hard intervals) and aerobic (endurance exercise).

Athletes most commonly attribute the intense burning felt during exhaustive bouts of exercise to the accumulation of lactate in the blood which is produced by the higher level of exercise intensity.

Deciding to re-enlist is as life-changing as joining the military.

This article can provide some suggestions in making the decisions.

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Recovery between intervals should stay at about one third to half the length of the interval.

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