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In most girls, puberty is more commonly recognized by breast growth.When her breasts start to develop, she may notice small, tender lumps under one or both nipples that will get bigger over the next few years.It is a good idea for her to use her own personal razor or electric shaver and not share one with family members or friends.Arms, legs, hands, and feet may grow faster than the rest of her body.

Because most girls feel self-conscious during this time, they will become embarrassed if they are kidded about the changing shape of their bodies and general appearance.Menstruation (period) usually starts about two years after the onset of puberty; on average, the first menstrual period occurs just before girls turn 13.There are many opportunities during this time of life for you to talk to your daughter about the changes she's experiencing.Mention that her periods may be irregular, particularly in the beginning, as her body adapts to rapid physiological changes.Also, let her know that several months before her first period, fluid may be secreted by glands within her vagina.

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Her body will begin to build up fat in the stomach, buttocks and legs.

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