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She also looked like she was staring at something in front of her.""Ret's go check what it was." [Brother's name] only nodded and Japan followed him to my room.

There, they saw a cupcake wrapper with some crumbs still on it."It's just a wrapper. Romano x Reader: Across the Screen Pt.6It has been five days since my first visit into the game.

She probably just forgot to throw it away." [Brother's name] walked toward the bed to throw it away himself, but Japan stopped him."No, this seems a bit suspicious. Today, I finally had enough courage to talk to Romano again.

Ret's keep it as future evidence.""C'mon, it's just a piece of paper. We decided to plan a location for the next time I enter."How about we meet at the garden, ragazza?

For those who wish to promote an upcoming game, please submit their deviation to either "Game Promotion" or Game Updates" in the gallery.IMPORTANT: ALL GAMES MUST SOURCE/CREDIT ANY RESOURCES USED IN THE GAME.PLEASE MAKE A RESOURCE LIST OR PLACE THE CREDITS ON THE GAME PAGE ITSELF.So seeing him frozen with that expression temporarily on his face brought me into a heap of laughter. First, there's the ever-frugal-and-critical Briton, Arthur Kirkland. He was polite, he was pretty good-looking, and best of all, he was an otaku.Once I dragged the mouse toward the "Continue" option and selected it, Romano started rubbing his face and neck to relieve some pain he had for staying in that pose for so long."Jeez, ragazza, you could've at least warned me before you paused the game. ""Must you always come in without my permissision, [Brother's name]!? He seems cynical and sarcastic towards everything at first, but once you get to know him he's a real gentlemen. Him being an anime-lover was the utmost reason why you loved him in the first place.

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If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. This is a test to see if I can make dating sim type games XD sorry for the bad graphics, they will be much better when I make the full game, this was only a practice run .u.

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