How long have lindsay and samantha been dating

Shirley - who was working hard and touring at the time - seems to have overseen arrangements.

An educational psychologist named Alistair John Williams was found in Redland, Bristol.

Reports from the time suggest that she was asked to leave - there was talk of ' behaviour problems'.

Her older sister, Sharon, says Samantha suffered from depression and was a heavy drinker in her teens.

Often she would be counting out the pennies on the bar to pay for her next pint.

She never mentioned her mother was Shirley Bassey.' Vanessa said her friend struggled with loneliness.

'Since she went into digs, Samantha had been going to the Mardyke more and more.' On the last night she was seen alive, Samantha was drinking with bikers at the Mardyke, close to the docks.

'Samantha only once mentioned that Shirley Bassey was her mother, and none of us really believed her,' said Vanessa Luckwell, one of her few friends, who had met Samantha through her mother, who taught her at technical college.

Around six weeks before her death, Samantha moved into lodgings in the suburb of Totterdown.

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And she is the most sparkling of troupers: she likes diamonds, pink champagne and adores life as a tax exile in Monaco.

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