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"Just think: If you and I communicated by e-mail or ICQ, once I received your message I couldn't copy or forward it without your permission," she said.

"If I e-mailed a purchase order to you, you couldn't print it out unless I gave you permission." Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a civil liberties group in Washington, said he believed the court's ruling was slippery.

Over three days last June, Townsend sent 86 ICQ messages to Keller, Walker said in a telephone interview.

In some of them, he "was setting up a date with a fictitious 13-year-old and trying to have sex with her," she said.

After all, the judge said, Townsend chose to "communicate via e-mail and/or ICQ . "From that knowledge, it may be presumed that the defendant knew that the intended recipients of the conversation may retain and/or disseminate messages received from the defendant," the judge wrote.

"In an age where millions of e-mails are sent daily, it is unreasonable for a user to expect that a recipient will not save, transmit and/or copy an e-mail or an ICQ (chat) communication." Hannibal, one of the defense lawyers, said that if his client was convicted after trial next month, he would appeal the denial of the move to suppress the evidence.

Clifford Fishman, a law professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington and an expert on eavesdropping and wiretapping laws, said he thought Judge O'Connor's decision was a good one.

But chat messages, he added, may or may not be recorded, depending on the software.Andrew Grosso, a Washington lawyer who specializes in Internet-related matters and who was once an assistant federal prosecutor, said that as a matter of common sense, e-mail messages are not the same as a telephone call."The [e-mail] medium automatically records what is being communicated," he said.n 12 states, it is illegal to record your own telephone conversations without the consent of the person at the other end of the line.Now a judge in Washington, one of those privacy-conscious states, has ruled that the state's law does not apply to the new world of e-mail and online chats.

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