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In essence, the Indian Division consisted of the well-established Natal Indian Blind and Deaf Society (later renamed the KZN Blind and Deaf Society) with the Arthur Blaxall School for the Blind and the Southern Light Social Club under its wings, and the fledgling Transvaal Indian Blind Association (renamed TIBA Services for the Blind). Travelling throughout the then Transvaal and Natal with Council's Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness, he arranged eye clinics in remote townships and villages and also arranged for the screening of the vision of learners in mainstream schools.

The division was governed by an elected board consisting of Mr. With little prospect of promotion in Council's service, he resigned in 1981, but after his retirement from another welfare organisation in 2000, he once again joined the blindness service system as a volunteer and is currently the much loved and well respected President of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society. Sitaram in the Indian Division in 1981 and became Council's National Social Work Consultant when that division was closed down.

In the course of time they will advance to a level of complete independence when they will be quite capable of managing their own affairs.” Today we can only wonder about the private thoughts and feelings of our predecessors in the blindness service system, but what is on record is that the Council and others regarded it prudent to go along with these directives to secure state funding. Sitaram joined Council as the full time Secretary of the Indian Division.

Established in 1936, the KZN Blind and Deaf Society is one of the most active and progressive member organisations of Council.

With an annual budget of close to R5 million and a staff complement of 62, supported by 37 volunteers, it serves approximately 1500 blind, deaf and deafblind clients per year in Ethekwini and into the far-flung rural areas right up to Richards Bay.

Its activities include awareness raising, advocacy, education, employment, rehabilitation and recreation services.

Reshmika Dowling is the highly skilled support person at the Education Desk and Albert Peters is the knowledgeable Adaptive Technology Specialist in the Resource Centre.

Both Jace and Albert were previously members of the National and Provincial Executive Committees where, in addition, they provided voluntary service in a number of specialist committees.

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Council for the Blind, the contribution of this group of colleagues seems to be disproportionately larger than their number.

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