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In general, the view (frame, etc) will have no idea of how many or what type of sprites are being displayed.

However, since the (re)painting is an event queued on the GUI thread, there needs to be a mechanism for the view (the frame or component in the frame) to communicate back to the model to paint the sprite(s) at the appropriate time.

Since it's not known how long it will take, or even if a good web connection is present, it's an operation which could very easily lock the GUI. Note how a class) is a good example of using a worker thread.

Here, the status of the launch thread as a worker thread is exploited to show a splash screen to the user, but only until the main window has finished loading.

This doesn't work for the example applet on this page, since the entire drawing area changes with every frame.

Clipping works well, though, when only a small part of the drawing area changes -- such as when the user drags an object across a background.

When the repaint request finally gets serviced, class provides several method that can be used to draw various geometric shapes. Point(23, 84); // the location of the center of the ball private int radius = 10; // the radius of the ball public void paint Component(Graphics g) Note that the above is not the code that one would write to paint multiple sprites (balls) from a the repainting of a single panel (canvas).

This thread becomes active after a component becomes realized: either Worker Threads Keep GUIs Responsive If a task needs a relatively long time to complete, then performing that task in the event dispatch thread will cause the user interface to become unresponsive for the duration of the task - the GUI becomes "locked".The calls to © 2017 Hirondelle Systems | Source Code | Contact | License | RSS Individual code snippets can be used under this BSD license - Last updated on September 21, 2013.method of a Java GUI component simply puts a repaint request into the queue which is then processed whenever the system gets around to it.In classical programming terms, this is accomplished by providing a call-back function (a particular usage of a lambda function) to the view that is called when the appropriate component is of the methods on the adapter interface that connects the view back to the model.An instance of this adapter interface is given to the GUI at construction time.

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