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A journey that after 6 years would lead me to living the life of my dreams. I hope you will like my website and find some new inspiration here. I have now started with a new collection of 6 paintings, inspired by nature during spring and summer.

However, blue overcame the samadhi and ended up sending green home instead.

That ties Zach and Jonna with Leroy and Nia and Wes and Theresa, each with ten -- but since Nia and Leroy had the fastest time, they win and are the Power Couple.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Sarah get tangled up in their bungee cords and wind up in the Dome. Despite not winning the challenge this week, Wes got to play action hero and then masterfully manipulated Leroy.

Last week's Power Couple Jay and Jenna get to choose the challenge order, and they choose Leroy and Nia to be first, of course, which only has one problem: Jenna can't spell Leroy's name, even though it is written on his shirt.

Teej explains that while Jonna and Zach "did really good" with eleven balls, the last one didn't count because Zach (that's Zach, not the woman he likes to berate every five minutes) didn't follow the rules and wait for Jonna to finish on the last round.

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