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A data from 1931 indicates a very important element in the Jewish integration, it was the skill in the Italian language.Among the Jewish community In Benghazi, 67.1 percent of the male and 40.8 percent of the females spoke Italian, in compare to 34.5 percent of Arab males and 1.6 percent of females.Until 1936 life under Italian rule proceeded peacefully for the Jews.In 1936, however, the Italians began to enforce fascist legislation aimed at modernising social and economic structures based on conditions current in Italy.The oldest trace of a Jewish existence in Libya appears in Sirte, which some Archaeological surveys made on the "Barion" region there dated its Synagogue to the 10th Century BCE, during King Solomon's reign.During the Greco-Roman period, Libya corresponded approximately with Cyrene and the territory belonging to it.During World War II, Libya's Jewish population was subjected to antisemitic laws by the Fascist Italian regime and deportations by German troops.After the war, anti-Jewish violence caused many Jews to leave the country, principally for Israel, though significant numbers remained in Rome and many later emigrated to various communities in North America.

Sent to work in labor camps, more than one-fifth of this group of Jews perished.The Muslim brotherhood of the Sanusiya was well disposed toward the Jews of Benghazi, appreciating their economic-mercantile contributions and their peaceful attitude.The community enjoyed a complete freedom, and were not forced to live in a special quarter.Jews lived there - including many that moved there from Egypt; Augustus granted Cyrene's Jewish population certain privileges through Flavius, the governor of the province.At the time, they maintained close contact with the Jews in Jerusalem.

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