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Season 3, Episode 17June 14, 2009Miley and Oliver become temporary deejays at a teen-oriented radio station after the regular host takes an unexpected leave.

Meanwhile, Rico lets Jackson run the snack shack in hopes that it will lose money and his dad won't be able to sell it. Season 3, Episode 19July 17, 2009Miley experiences nothing but bad luck on the S. Tipton after she loses an ankle bracelet her mom gave her.

Meanwhile, Lilly gets upset with Oliver when he forgets their 100-day anniversary.

Season 3, Episode 23September 20, 2009Oliver is diagnosed with diabetes.

Season 3, Episode 21August 9, 2009Miley accidentally reveals an embarrassing secret about Jackson during an interview on a radio show.

Later, a secret about her surfaces and she blames Jackson.

Season 3, Episode 11March 22, 2009Miley tricks Jackson into believing he worships her after he suffers temporary memory loss; Lilly reluctantly pretends to be Rico's girlfriend when his competitive cousin visits from Australia.

Meanwhile, Jackson gets injured at Rico's place and finds Rico's concern hard to believe.

Season 3, Episode 16June 7, 2009Miley runs into Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) in Las Vegas.

C., and Miley pays customers to buy items at the sale; Rico hires an aggressive environmentalist to work at the surf shop, but he isn't happy when she implements extreme eco-friendly measures.

Season 3, Episode 7February 16, 2009Miley, as Hannah, purposely blows a movie audition with director Rob Reiner to make Oliver feel better about not getting into a band; Jackson uses Rico as his ventriloquist dummy at a birthday party after Rico destroys the original puppet.

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Season 3, Episode 14May 3, 2009Miley inadvertently agrees to go to the prom with the school nerd and then backs out when she has an opportunity to record a duet with David Archuleta (who appears in a cameo).

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