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“Starting Linx has been one of the best decisions of my life,” she said.“Facilitating these introductions and serving as a conduit between these two demographics has proven to work really well over the last 12 years that I’ve been doing this.” Amy takes a very hands-on approach with her clients from beginning to end, getting to know each person individually, utilizing their specific wants and needs during the matchmaking, and offering her expert advice all along the way.He runs the company so dating someone under him would be an extreme no-no and beyond off limits.His bar is very high — he is looking for someone who can hold her own in any situation."I accept only extraordinary people into the Linx Dating network, and that may or may not mean they make a lot of income or possess huge financial assets," she said."Though they all seek commitment, some may be on a fast track and willing/able to pay a lot of money to accelerate the process, to allow me to conduct a broad geographic search beyond the Bay Area with a ton of individual attention and sometimes intense date coaching." "He is extremely private and is not the type to ever do online dating nor date colleagues.From Google to Apple to Lyft to Github, Silicon Valley is known for its juggernaut tech companies and innovative start-ups, so much so that there’s even a popular TV show named after it. Founded by Amy in 2003, Linx, for short, is a curated matchmaking service for those busy, high-profile single professionals in Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area (as well as all over the world) who haven’t been able to find the relationship they want.

While other matchmaking firms might accept anyone who applies, Linx has an extensive referral-based vetting system that makes their clientele stand out from the rest.

The Short Version: Whether they’re creating the latest edition of an already-cool product or coming up with the next big thing in tech, singles in Silicon Valley can lead fast-paced lives — which means dating often gets put on the backburner.

Since 2003, Linx Dating and its Founder Amy Andersen have been addressing the needs of these busy, relationship-minded professionals with a curated, personalized, and intuition-based matchmaking system.

Every aspiring member must be recommended by a former or current member, a friend or contact of Amy’s, or the like.

Amy receives dozens of referrals every day and screens each candidate herself.

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Beyond that, I’m looking for people who are well-rounded.

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