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Beale says: “You spend half your energy hiding the reality, leading a dual life, making excuses.

There’s a lovely story about someone in the industry who was born male and was male at work but had a female persona in her personal life.

Of course there are many cultures where it is still a problem.

It’s all about engaging in dialogue and changing perspectives.

This could let you browse and search bi singles who share the same interests.

After years hiding her personal life from colleagues, Inga Beale came out as bisexual in a job interview.

Beale, now aged 52, says: “I gave a clear instruction to my partner not to phone me in the office because I was so worried about my colleagues suspecting that I was having a relationship with a woman.” She realised the strain she was under when there was “a sexist incident”.

Friday evening is Manchester‘s bi gaming night, at LGBT Foundation from 7.30pm.

It’s a modern kind of gaming evening – think more Fluxx and Pandemic than Monopoly and Cluedo.

She was outed because of technology linking Facebook photos and her i Phone.

After years of being a man at work but actually being a woman it was fantastic.

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