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Yet the arrival of a big Andy Warhol exhibition at the Ashmolean still comes as surprise.Best known for its collections of antiquities, the museum has presented displays of late 20th century and contemporary art in the past, but never before on this scale.The ensemble doesn’t claim to provide an exhaustive survey, or represent every facet of Warhol’s work. Plus, as the Barbican’s Magnificent Obsessions show proved last year, there are shameless voyeuristic joys to be had just by rifling through other people’s stuff.

The story goes that Warhol walked Ethel down from the couple’s Fifth Avenue apartment to an amusement arcade on the corner of Times Square. While the machine took pictures, Warhol told jokes.

A couple perhaps, just like Andrew and Christine Hall.

Although there have been numerous Andy Warhol exhibitions in recent years, this one stands apart for being drawn from a single private collection.

The main characters of the series who are a small club of girls who prioritize being able to live while inside the school.

A bright and cheerful girl who is always excited to try new and exciting club activities.

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