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Just notify them kindly the said thing was too hardcore for you. These names of the types are not estabished, and therefore many ways are used.

Some games allow your character to 'grow' in skills, to gain a new skill level, you need experience Every game has also it´s own abbrevations, you come to know them while playing.Some are open in creativity and free action, some aim to more strict controlled interaction.There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.People refer to these games as 'talking heads' which means more talk and less or no action. 4: Periodic Re-Enactement Ancient Egypt, Medieval, Empire, 18th century, 19th century, 1950's -you name it! The word game is used plainly about any playable, but 'game' with quotation marks is usually referred to the Immersion or theathre-play type sessions.People gather together to live out the era once was in the real world. A Gamist game aims to win the game, aka it has a goal, a purpose the character has to achieve.

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