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Also, Kik does not offer any parental controls and there is no way of authenticating users, thus making it easy for sexual predators to use the app to interact with minors. However, you post anonymously, but it displays the area you are posting from.You can also search for users posting within a mile from you.Also, due to the rating system, it is often used for cyber-bullying, because a group of kids can target another kid and purposefully make his/her rating go down. Snapchat: This app allows a user to send photos and videos to anyone on his/her friend list.The sender can determine how long the receiver can view the image and then the image “destructs” after the allotted time.

Kids can hide any app they don’t want you to see by opening the app and selecting other apps. Keep in mind that these types of apps are created and then terminated quickly, but similar ones are continuously being created.

Problem: Although identifying someone you are willing to hook-up with doesn’t mean you will actually hook-up with them, it creates a hook-up norm within a peer group.

Depending on your sexual values, this might be something you don’t want for your child.

UPDATE: Get the 2015 Dangerous Apps List You may be thinking your kids are downloading apps because they are just a simple way for them to keep in contact with their friends.

This is certainly true for most kids, but unfortunately, even innocent use of most of these apps can land a kid in a situation he/she never intended to be in.

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Others to look for: Hidden Apps, App Lock and Hide It Pro. Omegle: This app is primarily used for video chatting.

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