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Second time writing this, forgot to log in the first time, grrrrrrrr!! I did not have a chance to shower before I went to dinner with my... If I spot a guy looking I cross and uncross my legs... I thoroughly enjoy the attention I get when I am naughty!!

Poor Ward is probably sitting SOMEWHERE going, yha Always Remembers, tease me why don't ya!! OK, well there was one man i dated for 5 years, lets call him *Trevor* his REAL name, haha... For the past few years my brother in law and I get together on or around our birthdays for sex. For me nothing beats the tingling thrill I get when I am slow dancing with a guy and feel his aroused **** against my thigh for the first time. If I could have my way I would be much more naughty on this site.

I furiously swim to the boat but the water is just too cold. "B-But Nathanael.." I say and I see Chat Noir pout a bit. "Anytime" He gives me a smirk and I blush despite dying from the cold.

Don't worry I'll make sure he's home" Ladybug says, giving me a thumbs up and I nod. "L-Let's just go" I mutter, shivering ~Later~ (A/n just so you know you're room is basically like Marinette's just yours is (F/c) so yea) "Thanks" I say as he let's me on my feet on my balcony.

I think you'd use every feminine trick in the book if you needed some cock!!!

Even though we kept in touch via messenger, emailing fantasies, texting naughty pictures and on the phone once in a while, but nothing is a substitute for the real thing...

Anyways, he has a girlfriend, who just recently left for a 2 week holiday, and apparently they made this pact not to ********** for the 2 weeks. I'm definitely a freak in the sheets and I love to keep things interesting for my man. I love to wear a loose fitting semi sheer blouse so that my breasts jiggle as I walk or dance. The same applies when wearing stockings and a short, preferably leather skirt.

If you were to look at me, you would never know it. But turn out the lights and the handcuffs come out! It is intended for mature audiences only; if you aren't, then fungirl urges you to stop reading...

Enjoy~ _________________________________________ ~(Y/n)'s P. I look down to see the dark water, okay maybe this isn't so relieving. "You've done enough harm today, Akuma" Ladybug says and she gets out a small ladybug patch. The butterfly thing becomes a white beautiful butterfly. I stammer over words but may I say that was smooth. "Yeah, I usually have that affect" Chat says smirking.

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A husband takes advantage of his wife over a bet but the wife gets a chance to turn the tables.

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