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Galleries appear in the order in which they are placed on the album admin page. In both views the image selected for the gallery on the gallery’s admin page is displayed. In the extended view (mode = ), galleries are displayed on separate rows.Each row consists of the title listed above, the gallery image selected on the admin page for the gallery, the description of the gallery specified on the admin page for the gallery, and the number of photos in the gallery.There are many possibilities (typically ownership/permissions issues), but here's an odd one from personal experience. I had created several development installs across numerous Word Press releases to test Optimizer with the latest Next GEN 2.0version (v2.0.66.37 specifically), but Next GEN's image uploads weren't working on any of them.All file ownership and permissions were correct, but Next GEN's uploads page was just showing a yellow error triangle with a tooltip of "HTTP error".

Before you can do that, you have to create a gallery.If the option is unchecked, make sure you have selected a page that displays the gallery (i.e.specifies the gallery shortcode with the ID of the gallery) or the page will simply refresh.Image management is perhaps one of the strongest features of the Next GEN Gallery plugin compared with other image plugins, although until you learn a few concepts it can be a little difficult to use.Once you get these concepts straight, the user interface will fall into place.

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This is typically due to j Query calls having been hard-coded into your theme.

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