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"We're exposing intimacy, romance and sex like never before" a media release declares. More mostly-nude pedicab riders will be in the city on Thursday: (Locations and times are approximate) -- Times Square: a.m. "We will take action to remove this stain on our Marine Corps."Neller called on Marines with information about the lewd photos posted to the 30,000-member Marines United to come forward and help investigators identify specific individuals.

The "Sudoku Generator" provides you a random Sudoku puzzle with givens in the range from 22 up to 31 numbers.In general you can use either the keyboard or the mouse to play this Sudoku.Once you have generated a Sudoku, you click into an open square.Neller said last week that a task force would examine the "subculture" that led to the posting of nude photos of female service members on various websites."They're going to look at what's going on, while developing plans for corrective actions and recommendations to policies, procedures, education and training of Marines that will prevent this in the future and the culture -- I'd say subculture -- that may have given rise to this," he said.

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