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NEC believes that threat intelligence standards are crucial for proactively countering the cyber threat.We are excited about the formation of CTI TC and support its efforts through its contributing to and promotion of this global standard.Cybersecurity is one of the greatest challenges our modern society faces and requires a coordinated approach to succeed.Under OASIS leadership, we see an opportunity to better organize the good guys to fight cybercriminals by sharing cyber threat intelligence data in an automated and efficient data standard.We look forward to contributing to CTI as we continue to establish and maintain open standards, while improving cyber security capabilities and reducing workload.

STIX and TAXII in particular are important initiatives towards next generation threat intelligence.

As a Sponsor of the OASIS CTI Technical Committee, we are delighted to be at the forefront of advancing critically important standards like STIX, TAXII and Cyb OX.

By creating protocols that address how to best model, analyze, and share cyber threat intelligence, we can provide greater support to overwhelmed security professionals.

We have been advocates of STIX, TAXII and Cyb Ox for some time.

OASIS as an international standards checkpoint will undoubtedly improve threat intelligence sharing amongst partners by facilitating the exchange of computer-readable threat information.

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