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Sharks and octopus-like creatures were big players, but paleobiologist Elizabeth Sibert said there were large marine reptiles and fish as well, “Except the fish weren’t very dominant.” Explosion in fish population The University of California San Diego graduate student worked with co-author professor Richard Norris at UC San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The two compared micro-fossil fish teeth and shark scales, in sediment cores that dated before and after the mass extinction.

They have boney skeletons and teeth that are well preserved in the ocean mud.

The next step for the researchers is to return to the micro-fossil record to find out how the fish responded to other stresses in the ocean, like global warming.

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One of her critics is Katonya Breaux, the mother of Frank Ocean.“Basically the deeper down you get, the older you get,” Sibert explained.“So we looked at sediments from 75 million years ago to about 45 million years ago, looking every 200,000 years in some cases and 10,000 years in other cases.” Prior to the mass die-off, the ratio of fish to shark was stable, but Sibert said that changed dramatically when the asteroid hit.Last year the company renovated the Burns Block building in Vancouver – a project that included Vancouver’s smallest rental suites.Reliance’s proposed restoration of the Northern Junk buildings in Old Town Victoria will further the revitalization of the area.

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