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Maggie’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, and support to assist sex workers to live and work with safety and dignity.We are founded on the belief that to improve our lives, sex workers must take the power to control our own destinies.

On the streets, it’s known as “The Game.” Some of the girls are beaten by pimps — whipped with coat hangers heated up on a stove, punched, choked, burnt and forced to sleep naked at the foot of the bed, like dogs.

Star reporters observed a young woman, likely in her late teens with a face full of makeup, walk into a room around p.m.

Shortly after, a middle-aged man, who appeared to be an airport limousine driver, pulled into the car park and scanned the motel as he took off his suit jacket, neatly folded it and laid it down on his back seat.

Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, commander of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit, said pimps “brand them like cattle and move them like cattle.” “This is a Toronto problem, an Ontario problem and a Canada problem.

Everyone thinks it’s not happening here, but it is,” she said.

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Maggie's: The Toronto Sex Workers Action Project is an organization run for and by local sex workers.

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