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If you are unsure if the person you are communicating with is for real, ask them to take a quick digital photo holding that days newspaper. If you are scared to tell someone 'no' because it may hurt their feelings, simply tell them politely that you are looking for a certain type of person with specific characteristics and not to take it personally.

As an online dating expert, I feel that the internet can improve your chances of meeting Mr. Alexander is frequently called on by the media as the nation's leading Dating Expert.Don't Wait, Find a Partner to Ride Off Into the Sunset with Here!Online Dating Expert, Stephany Alexander, Reveals the Top 10 Tips to Succeed at Online Dating As an online dating expert who gives dating advice on a daily basis, I have determined there are 10 basic key factors that will help you to succeed at online dating.Never meet in a bar or drink alcohol the first time you meet. Online dating can be exciting, adventurous and fun.You simply do not know this person well enough to let your guard down that early on. If you screen carefully and follow the above basic 10 online dating tips, you will increase your chances of having a positive online dating experience. A., Author, Women's Speaker Credentials: Stephany Alexander is the founder of one of the most popular women's sites on the net (top 5%) receiving millions of hits per month.

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