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Our lives are made up entirely of relationships—with our parents, children, siblings, co-workers, bosses, clients, sweethearts, and lovers, as well as with people who are strangers to us.If we continuously distance ourselves from others and focus on self-gratification, without having people who look us in the eye, hug us and hold us, we risk depersonalizing harm to others—even more than we already have.We need to have the tools to transition from the virtual to the actual so that we can experience intimacy and connection in every facet of our everyday lives.By reading Virtual Foreplay, you will gain the skill of self-observation and the power to make choices.

Because this technology offers a full spectrum of opportunity, from the relationship enhancing to the relationship destroying, online interaction requires that we make a conscious choice about what we want to create in our lives, that we align our behavior with our goals, and that we take responsibility for creating healthy relationships.Unfortunately, many of the people who are confident, communicative, and outgoing online are at a loss as to how to transfer these qualities to their face-to-face relationships.They experience virtual intimacy and companionship, but in their daily lives may feel empty and alone.You will also learn to align your virtual self with your physical self—creating wholeness in your being, rather than fragmentation.will lead you toward finding your soul, as well as your mate, enabling you to connect with others in a deep and meaningful manner.

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