Parental factors on interracial dating

Miller, Olson, and Fazio (2004) reported that white female participants expected higher disapproval of interracial relationships only if they also reported their parents were racist.

Culture and race seem to exert a particular influence on family interactions regarding racial attitudes (Foeman & Nance, 2002; Lovstuen, 2001; Mc Fadden & Moore, 2001).

Based on the research literature surveyed, we believed that the college students would be more open and favorable towards interracial relationships when compared to their parents.

Many interracial couples do not have the full support of parents or family members.

Another reason for lack of parental and family support can be unfamiliarity of family members with interacting closely with other races and not feeling comfortable in multiethnic settings.

While substantial research has focused on views of interracial relationships, few researchers have addressed parental and family perspectives and influences on their children.

In sum, researchers have needs to understand better the dynamics involved within family, racial, and relationship milieus.

In this study, we addressed one specific element of the broader domain of relationship diversity.

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