Radiocarbon dating is fake

For example, in recent years researchers at the MFA have tested numerous pieces of simple Neolithic Chinese pottery from the 3 millennium BC, which have become popular with collectors and have been forged with some success.

Often forgers will go to great lengths to reproduce the materials and processes, or the appearance, of the appropriate historical period.

The objects arriving at the lab may be made from any material, range in size from the smallest coin to the largest Greek statue, and date from any time in history.

Many of them are priceless and they are sometimes very fragile.

Did you wonder whether that Titian really is a Titian and not a fake?

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston, has an enviable collection ranging from ancient Egyptian mummies to European paintings.

Some surface details are not visible to the naked eye, so an optical microscope or SEM may be used.

The SEM is especially useful for observing small, metallic objects.

X-ray radiography can reveal hidden layers of paint, showing color and design changes made by the painter.

A good example of this in the MFA’s collection is Rogier van der Weyden’s ).

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